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Trine Breathes New Life into Sidescroller Genre

May 5, 2009Written by Draisey

Frozenbyte, the team behind Shadowgrounds, are moving out of the shooter genre to try out something a little more challenging and innovative. The team has been hard at work trying to breathe new life into the sidescroller genre by emphasizing teamwork, and giving each player a unique set of abilities.

The game is [shal]co-op[/shal] at heart, with the inclusion of a Magician, Thief, and Knight. Though the Magician is the star of the show with his telekinesis abilities, he still relies on the other three to progress through the levels. The Thief, for example, can grapple objects, while the Knight can destroy obstacles. And there’s some secondary abilities thrown as well, such as the Thief’s ability to slow down time, and the Knight’s ability to protect the group using his shield.

While the game will ship with only local [shal]multiplayer[/shal], online play will be available on day one as a downloadable [shal]patch[/shal]. The other interesting thing is that though you control one character in Solo Mode, you can still switch between characters on the fly, a la Lego Indiana Jones.

We’ll keep you up to date as this PSN/PC title nears its completion date. So make sure to check back on PlayStation LifeStyle for more updates. New gameplay screens are available for your viewing pleasure below.