Ghostbusters Now a PlayStation Exclusive – Update

May 6, 2009Written by DeAno Jackson


In a surprise announcement from a very recent Sony event in Sydney, Australia, Sony Computer Entertainment announced that they signed a deal with Atari and will be publishing the upcoming Ghostbusters videogame.

As for the non Sony-published versions of this game on other consoles, Atari will still be publishing them, but later in the year.  As it stands, the game is slated for a June 19th release on the PS2 and PS3 to coincide with the [shal]Blu-Ray[/shal] release of the original film, with the PSP version releasing in the following months.

This is a very aggressive move on Sony’s part, and it should be interesting to see how this publishing deal will affects sales for the game. What we’re wondering, of course, is will Sony do this more often?

Update: While this all applies in Europe, Atari has confirmed that Ghostbusters will release as previously announced on the PS2, the 360, the PS3, and the Wii in North America on June 16th.