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Western Sales Determining Future of Dissidia

May 7, 2009Written by Draisey


Not that PSLS has any public opinions on piracy, but this may be one situation where you should probably pay for something. [shal]Dissidia Final Fantasy[/shal] has had some impressive sales performance in Japan, and is set to release in Europe and North America fairly soon. However, the director of Dissidia, Takeshi Arakawa, is still unsure about pursuing a sequel. And for good reason.

Final Fantasy Union asked Arakawa about whether he had decided on making a sequel, to which he responded:

“Obviously the game hasn’t been released in either the US or Europe and we will have to wait and see how popular it will be. If it’s successful obviously we’d like to make an attempt to make a sequel.”


The [shal]PSP[/shal] of course is known for its rampant software piracy, and if Japan is the only market capable of sustaining this series then the sequel will most likely stay a Japanese exclusive. With that said, I’m definitely purchasing this game to show the team at [shal]Square Enix[/shal] some support. What about you guys?