David Jaffe Pulls a Twisted Tease

Early today, David Jaffe posted on his blog, and possibly hinted at Eat Sleep Play’s newest project.

It is still unclear what game David Jaffe and his company, Eat Sleep Play, are working on. Most reports indicate it is a new Twisted Metal project, however, it has still not been officially announced. When David Jaffe posted on his blog earlier today, he posted an apparent email, with certain sections intentionally blurred out. Looking hard enough, you can make out some sections of the blurred out text.

However, he doubted the Internets ability to uncover the hidden text. So, here it is:


High concept: We need the game to have more personality and feel like an action… our human characters are a big way we are going to get that vibe. I would like to see the following… the milestone and feel it would go a long way to wowing the crowds.

#1 – … animation of capturing him, running over him and dragging him behind your car…

#2 – …gives him personality– right now it’s so dry- needs to feel  action.

a- When he is knocked out of a car and onto the ground he crawls frantically, looking… approaching cars, trying to get away, slipping as he tries to get up.

This may of been correct, as the original image, pictured above, was eventually removed, and replaced with an even more blurred out image.