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PS3 Servers

Server Shutdown for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Other PS3 Titles Delayed Until Early 2019

But now Sound Shapes is on the list.

playstation all stars online

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and 2 Other PS3 Games Are Going Offline in October

Sad news for the PS3 loyal.

7 PlayStation Franchises That Could Use the Ratchet & Clank Treatment

Retooled, rebooted, and a little less than your RRP.

The Many Twisted Faces of Twisted Metal

Take a trip down a very violent memory lane with our feature.

David Jaffe Hilariously Trolls Internet With God of War Twitter Posts

Hilarious and sad.

David Jaffe Hopes to Return to the Twisted Metal Franchise in the Future

How could you say no to Sweet Tooth?

Jaffe Reveals Twisted Metal’s Scrapped Endings for Sweet Tooth

The story could have ended very differently for Sweet Tooth.

Twisted Metal Development Being Hampered? Au Contraire, Tweets Jaffe

David Jaffe and the team at Eat Sleep Play is hard atRead the full article…

Twisted Metal – E3 Preview

Twisted Metal was one of the most surprising appearances of E3 lastRead the full article…

Multiplayer to be at Core of Twisted Metal

New details on Twisted Metal’s multiplayer modes have been released, indicating that there will be a much heavier focus on it than in previous entries.

Jaffe Defends Latest Twisted Metal Trailer

A few days ago, Eat Sleep Play released a brand new trailerRead the full article…

“Tons More” Twisted Metal Info Due In Less Than A Week

With a new Twisted Metal trailer and the game’s US release dateRead the full article…

New Twisted Metal Trailer Outs Release Date

After years of development and plenty of denial over its existence, DavidRead the full article…

Why Twisted Metal Missed GDC

With the events of GDC behind us, many were shocked to findRead the full article…

Jaffe Weighs in on Stopping Cheaters and Hackers

To say that David Jaffe is an outspoken developer is like sayingRead the full article…

Jaffe’s Tweet On The NGP is Rated X

David Jaffe, the father of both Twisted Metal and God of War,Read the full article…

Twisted Metal Won’t be Jumping Out of Your TV

Over the past year, Sony has been pushing 3D hard, from theirRead the full article…

Twisted Metal To Arrive Before December 2011, Release Date Announcement Soon

2011 looks to be a stellar year, in fact, it is packedRead the full article…

David Jaffe Gives a Lucky 360 Owner The Gift of PlayStation 3

Whoever said that game developers can’t be giving to gamers in needRead the full article…