Multiplayer to be at Core of Twisted Metal

New details on Twisted Metal’s multiplayer modes have been released, indicating that there will be a much heavier focus on it than in previous entries.

The Twisted Metal franchise has classically been focused on a single player or co-op experience, perhaps due to the lack of technology to do otherwise. However, the new iteration doesn’t see these limitations, and so it seems that multiplayer competition will be a primary focus, despite there still being single player campaigns as well. During a Sony press conference in California three of the modes were revealed, and each of them pits teams of players against one another to accomplish various goals. Each team represents one of four gangs, known as the Clowns, the Dolls, the Holy Men and the Skulls. Each of those factions is led by main characters Sweet Tooth, Dollface, Preacher, and Mr. Grim respectively.

The three modes revealed so far are Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, and Nuke. The first two seem like pretty standard fare. Deathmatch obviously requires kills for points, with the team who scores the most wins. Last Man Standing is an elimination style mode, where each team shares a pool of lives, and gets eliminated when they run out. Nuke is a bit more interesting, where teams are either defending a landmark such as a statue, or trying to attack that landmark with the ultimate goal of launching a nuclear missile at it. Some members of the defensive team will be positioned around the base of the landmark with guns to defend it while the rest of their team drives around to deter the opposition. The attackers meanwhile will attempt to capture those positioned defenders, and then throw them into a rocket launcher, which then sets off the nuke. The mode is meant to encourage tactics and strategy rather than just all out warfare, but it sounds like it could still be a pretty chaotic and crazy scenario.

New weapons have also been added into the game, but only one was described so far, the sniper rifle. Immediately upon hearing this the thought of aiming a sniper rifle while driving sounds incredibly difficult, but it doesn’t quite work as you might expect. Instead of simply aiming and firing, players must lock on to an enemy, which powers up the weapon. The more it powers up, obviously the more damage, even to the extent where a one hit kill by lining up a head shot is possible, which is a Twisted Metal first. It was also revealed during the event that there will be experience gained as you play, unlocking various rewards as you progress.

So far it sounds like a lot of thought and attention is being given to the multiplayer mode for Twisted Metal, which is a very smart move for the series. Despite having multiplayer modes in previous iterations, this is a great opportunity to really flesh it out, and make the series feel fresh for old fans and newcomers alike. Single player will still be available for fans of campaigns, which will apparently include deeper background stories for each character, so don’t fret if you’re not a fan of going online. Unfortunately Eat, Sleep, Play isn’t talking about that part much at the moment, but hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

Are you excited to try out some tactical vehicular combat when Twisted Metal releases later this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below.