Jaffe Defends Latest Twisted Metal Trailer

#6 - Twisted Metal

A few days ago, Eat Sleep Play released a brand new trailer for Twisted Metal. While most PS3 owners were getting excited about the release date given at the end of the trailer, apparently there were a few people who took offense to a particular scene in the trailer. Twisted Metal series creator, David Jaffe, didn’t take to kindly to the comments, and has issued his own response.

During the “Broken” trailer at the 45 second mark, there is a live-action scene that shows Sweet Tooth with a machete walking towards a girl. Apparently this is the scene that has some people uneasy, and complaining that it looks like he is going to rape her. When David Jaffe heard the complaints he responded on Twitter:

Wow- amazed/saddened/confused that people are getting ‘rape’ from the new Twisted Metal trailer. Wha?!? Is it Tooth attacking a girl? Yep!

That’s kind of what he does:he’s a slasher in the vein of Freddy and Jason. But raping her?!? Where the hell are some of ya’ll getting that?

For those of you that have seen the trailer, what were your first thoughts? Did you think Sweet Tooth was trying to rape her, or are people simply over-reacting?

Twisted Metal is set to release on October 4th.