The Twisted Metal Comic-Con

The Twisted Metal Comic-Con Event Features Free Ice Cream from Sweet Tooth

Twisted Metal is just about to debut on Peacock, and the company is celebrating by having a big presence at Comic-Con. This, of course, includes Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck.

Sweet Tooth’s ice cream truck will have free desserts

Peacock announced that Sweet Tooth’s truck will, while supplies last, be giving out free servings of Salt & Straw’s exclusive (and undefined) Twisted Metal flavor fittingly called “Sweet Tooth.” Attendees, in addition to being treated with ice cream, will also be treated to a surprise musical performance. The ice cream truck is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. PT, while the musical show is slated for around 5 p.m. PT. Both will be at the corner of J Street and First Ave., which is right down the street from the convention.

The ice cream portion of Twisted Metal’s Comic-Con appearance won’t just be limited to the event, as Sweet Tooth and the truck are visiting Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Des Moines, and Chicago just after the event. The Sony Pictures TV Instagram account will have more exact times and dates in the near future. This flavor can also be purchased at three Salt & Straw locations in San Diego while supplies last.

Comic-Con will have a screening of the first episode at 10 p.m. PT in room 6DE, too. Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller is hosting the screening along with a Twisted Metal-inspired version of Kinda Funny’s game show Kinda Feudy where audience members will have their knowledge of the car combat series tested. The panel will also have “twists, turns, and surprise giveaways.”