Twisted Metal TV Series Teaser Trailer

Twisted Metal TV Show Teaser Trailer Gets Mixed Reaction From Fans

PlayStation Studios has dropped the Twisted Metal TV Show teaser trailer, after hyping it up with yesterday’s release date reveal, and fan reactions are mostly mixed. Thus far, fans of the Twisted Metal games have been rather cautiously optimistic about a comedic live-action adaptation of the beloved PlayStation series. This 10-episode Twisted Metal series will debut on NBC’s Peacock streaming service on July 27 in the US.

Twisted Metal fans like Sweet Tooth, dislike light-hearted tone

Let’s go through the positives first. Some users on Twitter reacting to the teaser trailer like the cameo for Sweet Tooth at the end, particularly with the villain being played by Samoa Joe from AEW Wrestling. Some point to Sweet Tooth’s truck and his costume to be authentic to the games.

Others are less than thrilled with the tone of the teaser trailer. Using Len’s “Steal My Sunshine” feels too light-hearted, some say, for a series about heavy-metal vehicular combat with missiles and over-the-top explosions. Fans want a darker undertone and a grittier style from the show.

Some are annoyed that the trailer was only 45 seconds long, though that’s on the longer side for most teaser trailers. Others want a Twisted Metal game rather than a show, but one could already be in the works. (The show could just be a serious marketing campaign for a reboot.)

It’s a bit of a bummer, though, that the show will only be available on Peacock, which isn’t a streaming service that’s particularly popular, unless you follow the WWE. Hopefully, the viewing numbers for this adaptation won’t be hamstrung too much by the distribution model.