David Jaffe Hopes to Return to the Twisted Metal Franchise in the Future

While Twisted Metal creative director David Jaffe has moved on from Eat Sleep Play to work on new projects, he still has a soft spot for the car combat franchise and confesses that he’d one day like to return to it.

The PS3 reboot of this beloved PlayStation-exclusive franchise didn’t do quite as well with the critics as he had hoped, but he still remains proud of the end product. Sharing his thoughts on his blog, Jaffe explained:

Twisted Metal PS3 got some great reviews and some terrible reviews which has placed it at a 76% metacritic. It sold fine.

Not a dud, not a hit. When all is said and done, I hope Sony will be satisfied that it made a decent investment in the game and in us. But it was not a mega blockbuster or even a big hit.

He went on to discuss how he’d like to revisit the franchise one day, adding:

Heck, once we get the new studio launched and we’ve brought some new IPs to the world that folks enjoy, I can see myself dying to go back and do a new Twisted Metal [with] the new studio and with Sony. But for now, I really want to do new things.

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