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David Jaffe Hilariously Trolls Internet With God of War Twitter Posts

David Jaffe, a game designer who worked on the God of War and Twisted Metal series, just hilariously trolled the internet with a Twitter announcement for a new God of War game.

Jaffe assumedly seemed to confirm a new title in the series, saying “we ARE making a new God of War.” Unbeknownst to us, however, that post was only the first part of a sentence. Jaffe later sent out another post completing that sentence and bashing our hopes of a new game.

Even though the posts are disappointing, they still are absolutely hilarious. Besides, a Kratos ice sculpture sounds almost more awesome than a new title staring the battle-crazed demigod.

What do you think of the posts? Did Jaffe fool you?

[Source: David Jaffe (Twitter) via VG247]