PSLS Presents – The Nameless Ones


Earlier this week, I wrote an editorial about the complainers of PlayStation Home.  In it, I mentioned that you get out of Home what you’re willing to put into it.  In this week’s PSLS Presents feature, we’re going to highlight an example of this.


The Nameless Ones (N1s) is a group formed in late January 2009 by regular posters on the official PlayStation Home forums, many of whom were original closed beta testers, with one goal in mind: to give individuals an open forum for mature, intelligent conversation regarding ways to make PlayStation Home an all-around better place and the gaming industry as a whole.


The group boasts over 150 members, operates in both the US and the EU region, does a weekly podcast, and holds two regular meeting in Home on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Notable guests include Qore’s Veronica Belmont, IGN PlayStation Editor Greg Miller as well as Parris and Phoenix from UncleGamer Radio.


I contacted the group for a personal introduction to you readers from a senior member, and I’ve included it below.

“Hey guys, my name is Mike Hartnett a.k.a. NJShadow from the Nameless Ones. I’ve been a part of the Nameless Ones group pretty much since the beginning and I’ve loved every second of it. There’s nothing more fun than being able to come together every week to discuss what’s going on in the industry as well as ideas and ways to make PlayStation Home better.

To me, this group is more than just some people, they’re some of the most respectable, most innovative people I’ve ever met and really do define the term “selfless.” It really is like a release for a gamer to be able to have a platform to voice their views and opinions each week in this kind of group setting amongst fellow gamers. If anyone would like to join in on the fun, all are welcome and we’d absolutely love to have you!”

THIS is the potential that Home brings to the table. If you actually do something with it, you can have a lot of fun and accomplish some great social interactions. Anyone interested in checking this group out can go to their official site, check out their thread on the US PlayStation Home Forums, follow them on Twitter, or look at their Facebook page.

Leave some feedback in the comment section, and check back for next week’s edition of PSLS Presents.