Will Home Complainers Please Shut Up!


Today, US Home Community Manager Locust_Star announced the biggest update in the services history, including a new log cabin personal space, StageSet, the addition of Japan’s Siren gamespace, free Patapon 2 clothing for your avatar, and even exclusive Patapon 2 and Fat Princess developer interviews in the Theater. It’s a GREAT update to a service that many people enjoy, but despite that, certain people around the Net still are finding ways to complain about this.

Let’s make a few things clear from the outset.  Regardless of personal opinions, Home is a service that 5 million people around the world enjoy. That is slightly less than 25% of PlayStation 3 users worldwide.  It has made Sony more than a million dollars since the service went into open beta late last year.  Third party developers are excited about attracting gamers through this new medium, and have already pledged their support.

PlayStation Home is a success.  Get over it.

I keep seeing people saying that SCE is putting PSN features like cross-game chat and a party system “on the back burner” in order to do things with Home.  Are you delusional?  The PlayStation Home developers are SCE London Studio and SCE Studio Cambridge, neither of which has anything what-so-ever to do with the PS3 firmware team which is based in Japan.  They aren’t even on the same continent.

Also, I see people saying that there’s nothing to do in Home.  Seriously, is that supposed to be funny?  Bowling, chess, pool, mancala, poker, arcade games, an arcade-style motorcycle racing game, and two old-school text adventures are just a small example of what Home offers users.  For free.  Let’s not forget that part.  Free.  Besides, as you’ll see in this weekends PSLS Presents feature, you get out of Home what you’re willing to put into it.

I get that Home doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Really, I do.  However, if you think back, it’s always been the PlayStation brands’ greatest strength that they have something for everyone.  It’s okay if you don’t like a particular feature, because the brand will offer you plenty that is more up your alley.  If a person had legitimate complaints about Home, it’s not as if no one’s listening.  The Home developers have thrived on feedback they’ve achieved from end users, and several updates have happened as a direct result of that (like the Gamer’s Lounge and the upcoming Siren gamespace).  So if you have a complaint or a suggestion, voice it in the place where it will actually be useful, because spamming every single news story you see on the subject solves nothing and only serves to make you look ignorant.

Okay!  Rant over!  Opinions?  Complaints?  Agreements?  The comment section is yours, ladies and gentlemen.  Go for it.