Fight Night Round 4 Demo Impressions

May 14, 2009Written by Louis Edwards

Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4

The Fight Night Round 4 demo is now available on the PSN for those of us that scored a pre-order code from your local GameStop. The demo went live for Australia and European PS3 owners yesterday and this evening it was realesed on the North American PSN. Still no sign of the demo on XBOX Live, but it is still scheduled for sometime on the 14th.

After playing the demo for several hours, both against the CPU and against another player, it definitely delivers a satisfying punch. The demo sports some nice features from the full game, like a replay editor that allows you to save and upload replays to Total Punch Control using the right analog stick is now the only way to punch, say goodbye to button mashing.


Ricky Hatton & Manny Pacquiao toe to toe

The tutorial runs first when you launch the demo, so you don’t have to go in blind. In the tutorial, you are Ricky and the trainer is telling you how to fight Manny, blood and spit flies during your training rounds. The damage can be clearly seen on Manny’s face as the tutorial teaches you jabs, hooks, crosses, body shots, haymakers, and counters. Blocking is taught as well so pay close attention to the trainer. What he is teaching you may save your brain in the ring.

If you enjoyed Fight Night Round 3, the demo leads me to believe that Round 4 definitely will not disappoint.

See you in the ring.