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Games, Franchises, and Experiences We Want in VR

Immerse yourself.

Fighting Games That Should Make a Return

Fists of Fire? Yes.

EA Reveals Fight Night: Champion

Yesterday, EA Sports excited millions of fans when they announced that they would show to the world, for the first time, today, the newest game they had been working on. Instead of waiting until tonight, like they had originally promised, they decided to let the cat out of the bag, and give the gaming world a plethora of details on the new title; the next entry into a very successful franchise.

EA Sports Unleash Hard Hitting MMA Screenshots

Currently there are only a few solid fighters out in the marketRead the full article…

Fight Night May Return To The Ring

EA has revealed its Q3 financial report, which revealed the companies plansRead the full article…

EA Sports Putting the Shutdown on Their Servers

Well it looks like EA is tired of providing servers to thoseRead the full article…

Mike Mahar Speaks on Fight Night Control Scheme Update

Sometime in September, EA will also be releasing an update that willRead the full article…

Popular Fight Night Round 4 Questions Now Answered

Fight Night Round 4 producers Brian Hayes and Mike Mahar took timeRead the full article…

Fight Night Round 4 Demo Impressions

If you enjoyed Round 3, the demo leads me to believe that Round 4 will not disappoint.

Fight Night Round 4 – 50 Fighters Revealed

PlayStation: The Official Magazine has the skinny on Fight Night Round 4.┬áRead the full article…