Popular Fight Night Round 4 Questions Now Answered

Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4

Fight Night Round 4 producers Brian Hayes and Mike Mahar took time out of their busy schedule to answer forum questions regarding EA’s much anticipated title Fight Night Round 4. The public release of the demo has created a lot of questions, and we’ve got the answers straight from the producers.

I’m sure this first question was asked many times as it has been a hot topic of discussion for some time now:

Q: Is there an option for face button controls?

No, there is no option for face button punching in the final version, but we are investigating providing the option via DLC.

That may silence quite a few users that have complained about the lack of face buttons, but it isn’t a definitive response and just states that face buttons may come later.

Using your own face (or some other person you just want to beat on) will be a nice addition:

Q: What type of customization will be available in the game?

The Create Boxer feature includes Photo Gameface functionality, that is a big one. Beyond that, there is a robust selection of authentic boxing apparel and equipment from Everlast, Grant, Lonsdale, Rival, Reebok, Nike, Adidas and Jordan Brand. Most of the apparel and equipment can be customized with a variety of materials and colors. This includes your boxer’s gloves, foul protector, trunks, socks, shoes and robe. Fight Night Round 4 also supports custom music for your Boxer’s ring entrance and has a much wider variety of music genres included also.

Mike Mahar, a second producer for Fight Night Round 4, also weighed in with his opinion as to what the best new feature of Legacy Mode is:

I’d have to go with the Legacy Meter and having to achieve something more than winning a belt. In Fight Night Round 4 as sure as you start your career … your career will come to end. How you meet that end…as a shooting star champ whose career end’s early due to a classic case of too much too soon…or as an old war horse that extends their career against the ravages of Father Time by changing up your style and improving your ring generalship …it’s all up to you.

What you do in the time you are given and how far you stretch your fighter will determine your Legacy Rank in the pantheon of great fighters.

Brian also has his opinions as to the best new features of Legacy Mode:

Honestly, there are so many things that we added to Legacy Mode that it is hard to pick just one. My top three would be:

1. The Legacy Meter: having something to shoot for beyond a title.

2. Improved Challenge, Rival and Rematch Logic.

3. Having Divisional Rankings AND Pound-For-Pound Rankings

When asked about future Fight Night Round 4 DLC:

Fight Night Round 4 will have a dedicated DLC team in place. Details on when and what are not finalized yet.

The online aspect of the game also received questions and the first question regarding that was an obvious one:

Q: Is there a penalty system in place for online quitters?

Yes, there is a penalty system in place for online quitters/cheaters. We achieve this in a similar manner to all EA SPORTS titles by employing a strict set of rules for how an online fight can end. If a fight ends due to dubious circumstances our server logic should catch it and penalize the cheater accordingly, if it was determined cheating took place.

That said, no system is perfect… but we’ll have the ability to augment and update our cheat prevention measures post ship as well as monitor the leaderboards and message boards for complaints and suspect behavior.

We’re not finished once we ship! We’ll be around trying to improve the experience should our online community make us aware of any issues.

The release date for this game can’t get here soon enough.

See You in the Ring!