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Unbound Saga Crashes the Digital Download Only Party


The upcoming comic inspired beat ’em up Unbound Saga is the next PSP game that will be ‘unbound’ by the confines of UMD.  The PSP title, developed by Vogster, will be released directly to the PlayStation Store on July 16.

Speaking to Kotaku, Mario Kroll Director of Marketing for Vogster explains why they are opting to go the digital download only route:

“We expect to see a growing trend where highly anticipated releases such as Unbound Saga will bypass the UMD format and the often challenging retail environment, being instead delivered directly to consumers. It certainly is a ‘win’ for both content producers and gamers alike —- it avoids an unpopular delivery medium and costly manufacturing, while improving the timing and availability of great content to consumers when they demand it.”

We expect to see this digital download only model ‘GO’ing forward, as we are pretty sure we will see a UMD-less PSP revealed at E3.