CyndoniaX Talks About the Big Picture in Home

May 19, 2009Written by Dan Massi


In a recent post on the PlayStation Forums, CyndoniaX detailed PlayStation Home’s 1.21 update. But what really grabbed everyone’s interest is the fact that she briefly spoke about picture frames. And guess what? They are coming…

Just not in the 1.21 update. However, CyndoniaX did hint that it’s coming very soon, and will be part of the Home application once E3 rolls around. She also discussed the items that vary in all the different PlayStation Homes. She explains that every different region has its own business deals, which means that items available in Japan may not make it to the North American Home.

Remember, the 1.21 update hits PlayStation Home this Thursday, so don’t forget to pop into virtual reality and download it. For more information on Home, stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle!