Trophy Guide – X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition

Note: Starting a New game will erase all of your progress and stats, i.e. kills & dog tags. So I would suggest going through the game on Easy/Medium and unlock every trophy except for the Hard difficulty trophy.

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Platinum (Platinum) – You collected all the trophies in Wolverine.

– Earn all other trophies to unlock the Platinum.

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Bar Fight (Silver) – Defeated Victor Creed (Sabretooth)

– Story related. Cannot be missed.

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Helicopter Ride (Silver) – Defeated David Nord (Agent Zero)

– Story related. Cannot be missed.

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Fallen Sentinel (Silver) – Defeated the Sentinel Mark I

– Story related. Cannot be missed.

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Put up your Dukes (Silver) – Defeated Fred Dukes (The Blob)

– Story related. Cannot be missed.

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52 Pickup (Silver) – Defeated Remy LeBeau (Gambit)

– Story related. Cannot be missed.

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The Dead Pool (Gold) – Defeated Weapon 11 (Deadpool)

– Story related. Cannot be missed.

Getting Started (Bronze) – Killed 100 enemies

– See What I Do Best.

A Day’s Work (Bronze) – Killed 500 enemies

– See What I Do Best.

What I Do Best (Silver) – Killed 2000 enemies

– After one playthrough your total kill count should be between 1300 and 1500. You must keep playing the game through Chapter Select to get to 2000 kills. If you start a new game your stats will be reset. In the last few chapters there are machete guys that spawn clones, you can let them keep spawning to get your kill count up. Alternatively, you can just keep playing through certain chapters to get your reflexes boosted as well.

You Can’t Hide (Bronze) – Lunged to 250 enemies

– Lunging is performed by holding R1 to lock onto an enemy and then pressing L1 to lunge. Lunging towards an enemy will not kill them so you can keep lunging to the same group of enemies to boost your count.

Lunge (Bronze) – Lunged to 25 enemies

– See You Can’t Hide.

Pounce (Bronze) – Lunged to 100 enemies

– See You Can’t Hide.

Piggy Back Ride (Bronze) – Lunged to a W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype’s back

– You will encounter the first W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototype when in the Weapon X facility. Roll away from him whenever he charges you and then lunge towards him while he is stunned.

Quick Killer (Bronze) – Quick Killed 1 enemy

– See Efficient Killer.

Efficient Killer (Bronze) – Quick Killed 20 enemies

– Quick kills are performed by pressing O to grab the enemy. Press Triangle to initiate the quick kill, once Wolverine pulls his claws back and the screen flashes quickly press Triangle again. For Perfect Killer, perform this 3 times in a row without using a regular attack.

Perfect Killer (Bronze) – Quick Killed 3 enemies in a row

– See Efficient Killer.

Drop Dead (Bronze) – Killed 10 enemies by throwing them off high areas

– The first place you are given the opportunity to throw an enemy off of a high area will be when you take out the first Ion Emitter. To throw an enemy press O to grab an enemy and then flick the Left Stick in the direction you want to throw. On your way up the cliffs you will run into more than 10 enemies so it should be no problem.

Apprentice (Bronze) – Raised One Combat Reflex to Master Level

– See Samurai.

Samurai (Silver) – Raised All Combat Reflexes to Master Level

– Wolverine has five Combat Reflexes, all of which have three levels. You can improve your level by killing enemies that fit each certain reflex. Once you find the Samurai Mutagen make sure to equip this, as this advances your reflexes faster. You would need approximately two playthroughs to get all reflexes to master level.

The five reflexes are:

  • Machete (goes up by killing enemies with machetes) – boosting can be done on level one, checkpoint one, level three checkpoints one and three and level five, checkpoint one.
  • Machine Gunner (goes up by killing enemies with machine guns) – boosting can be done on level one, section three and on, and level four section three are advisable these feature most machine gunners.
  • Jungle Mutants (goes up by killing Hunters, Shifters and Levathians) – boosting can be done on level five, checkpoint one.
  • Robots (goes up by killing robots like the Enforcer Droid, Predator Unit and Mark 1 Prototype) – boosting can be done on level three, from checkpoint two on
  • Specialized Military Units (goes up by killing Elite Commandos, Goliaths, W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototype’s, Ghosts and Grenadiers) – boosting can be done on level four, checkpoint three or the last checkpoint of level three (where you fight four W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototypes)

Mutant Lover (Bronze) – Raised one Mutagen to level 3

– Mutagens can be found as tokens throughout the game and improve your skills. Every Mutagen has three levels, for which you have to find all three tokens from one Mutagen to get this trophy. Refer to the guide below for all collectibles in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Collectibles Guide

Astonishing (Bronze) – Found 1/2 of all Dog Tags in the game

– See Devil’s Brigade.

Devil’s Brigade (Silver) – Found all Dog Tags in the game

– There are 95 Dog Tags found throughout the game. They are around the neck of dead soldiers and can easily be found by using feral senses. For a complete guide of all dog tags, refer to the collectibles guide below.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Collectibles Guide

Defensive (Bronze) – Performed 1 Counter move

– See Untouchable.

Untouchable (Bronze) – Performed 25 Counter moves

– A counter attack is performed by pressing L2 and then pressing Square. Perform this 25 times to unlock the trophy.

Catch! (Bronze) – Killed 1 enemy with a reflected projectile

– See Boomerang.

Boomerang (Bronze) – Killed 25 enemies with a reflected projectile

– You will first encounter enemies with rocket launchers in the Weapon X facility level. To reflect the projectile you have to press L2 at the right time before the projectile hits you. During one playthrough you will encounter 25 rocket launcher enemies, make sure to kill them all with reflected projectiles or you will have to use Chapter Select to earn this trophy.

Aerial Assault (Bronze) – Performed 10 Air Grabs

– An air grab is performed by pressing O while both you and the enemy are in mid-air. Perform this 10 times for the trophy.

Ultimate Wolverine (Bronze) – Fought 4 W.E.N.D.I.G.0 prototypes at the same time and defeated them at Alkali lake.

-During The Frozen Tundra, at one point you will come onto a roof with four pods with W.E.N.D.I.G.0 Prototypes. You will be encountered by a helicopter with Agent Zero in it. He will shoot one of the pods releasing a prototype. Run up to the other three pods and destroy them to release a total of 4 prototypes. When fighting the prototypes take your time, get out of the way on time and only lunge towards them if you are sure you have the opportunity. The helicopter will also damage the prototypes when it shoots and the prototypes will hurt each other.

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Spillway Escape (Bronze) – Escapes from Weapon X

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Threading the Needle (Bronze) – Flew through the O ring in the Sentinel Boss Battle

– During the fight with the Sentinel, you will be free falling through the air trying to take him down. After destroying the Sentinel’s first engine you will have to free fall towards the Sentinel again. During this free fall there will be a piece of debris shaped like an O coming towards you, fly through this piece to unlock the trophy.

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The Village (Silver) – Completed the Jungle Mission

– Story related. Cannot be missed.

Hot Potato (Bronze) – Light 20 enemies on fire

– Several ways to earn this trophy.  First, when you are fighting the Machete Champion let him lunge toward you with the fireball attack.  This will set you on fire and you can lunge toward other enemies lighting them on fire. The second, and best method, is to load up Chapter 3, checkpoint 3.  You will start in a courtyard with two Shifters and a spawning machete enemy. First take out the two Shifters, as they prevent you from lunging, do not kill any of the machete enemies. After taking out the shifters jump on the pad that lets two columns rise up in the courtyard. Jump up to the highest column and lunge towards the spawning machete enemy. Do not kill him! Move on to the block with the fire that is off to the left. Kick it off, and jump on top of it to set yourself on fire. Next thing to do is light other enemies on fire by lunging towards them or just making contact.

Shotgun Epic Fail (Bronze) – Killed 25 Ghosts with their own weapon

– Ghosts are the annoying enemies that go invisible and shoot their shotgun at you.  You can spot them better with feral senses on.  Press O to grab a Ghost and start tapping Triangle to turn his shotgun against him.  There are plenty of Ghosts in this game so it should be no problem for your first playthrough.

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James Howlett (Bronze) – Performed a Wolverine to Wolverine Lunge

– There are several Wolverine figurines hidden throughout the game. After finding two of the same type you will unlock a bonus challenge. This challenge can be accessed via ‘Bonus’ in the main menu. You will have to fight a classic Wolverine to unlock his costume. Lock onto classic Wolverine with R1, whenever he lunges towards you tap L1 to lunge toward him.

WoW! (Bronze) – You feel a cold as you examine the sword and skeleton. A rustle of wind in the trees faintly echoes the name Arthas

– An awesome World of Warcraft reference here! This can be found in Chapter 2 (The Frozen Tundra), checkpoint What I Do Isn’t Very Nice. Refer to the following video for exact location.


Aerial Master (Bronze) – Got 6 enemies airborne at once

– To get six enemies into the air you need to pound the ground by jumping into the air and holding Triangle. A good spot for this is on Chapter 1 before you cross the rope bridge that breaks. There will be a cut scene of the enemies cutting the bridge, instead of going straight turn around to confront 6 enemies on the narrow bridge. Wait for them to get into a group and jump into the middle and pound them into the air.

Fully Loaded (Bronze) – Maxed out all upgrades

– To max out all of your skills you will have to earn 69 skill points. To earn 69 skill points you will have to boost up to level 39. This should take 1.5-2 playthroughs, but remember, Do Not Start A New Game! Just keep replaying the last two levels for the most XP.

Slice n’ Dice (Bronze) – Killed 6 enemies with a single attack

– For this trophy make sure your claw spin has been maxed out with skill points. It helps to weaken the group of enemies before you claw spin them, as the claw spin does not always kill. Wait for a group of enemies to surround you and unleash the spinning attack and keep tapping Square until they are all dead.

Found! (Bronze) – You found a mysterious hatch!

– An awesome Lost (TV) reference here! This can be found in Chapter 1 (Origins), checkpoint Unstoppable. Refer to the following video for exact location.


Slaughter House (Bronze) – Dismembered 100 enemies

– In the course of a single playthrough you should have dismembered more than 100 enemies. This will normally happen when you execute a combo or when using a powerful attack against a weakened enemy. You can also use the quick kill feature for some dismemberment.

Blender (Silver) – Killed 200 enemies with Claw Spin

– The claw spin is unlocked fairly early in the game. If you use the attack as often as possible this should take you a full playthrough or less to acquire. Claw spin is performed by holding R2 and tapping Square.

Walking Death (Gold) – Beat the game on Hard Difficulty

– Hard is not much more difficult than Normal in this game. You do less damage and the enemies do more. So the only advice I can give is to attack wisely and dodge whenever it comes to the harder enemies.

Heightened Senses (Bronze) – Killed 200 enemies in Feral Sense

– If you randomly keep feral senses on during the game you will get this well before the end of the game. Feral senses will help you spot secrets as well so I would suggest using it as often as possible.

Environmentally Friendly (Bronze) – Killed 10 enemies using objects in the environment

– See Whatever it Takes.

Whatever it Takes (Bronze) – Killed 30 enemies using objects in the environment

– There are objects scattered around such as spikes and statues that can be used to impale enemies. If you grab an enemy near on of these or throw one in the direction it should be an instant kill. Do this 30 times for the trophy.

Bloodlust (Bronze) – Killed 50 enemies while in Berserker mode

– See Weapon X.

Weapon X (Bronze) – Killed 150 enemies while in Berserker mode

– Berserker mode is unlocked fairly early in the game. If you use this attack as often as possible you can attain this in your first run. Berserker mode is activated by holding R2 and pressing O.

The Cake (Bronze) – You found the cake, yummy!

– An awesome Portal reference here! This can be found in Chapter 3 (Days of Future Beginnings), checkpoint Bolivar Trask. Refer to the following video for exact location.


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Stick Around (Bronze) – Impaled Victor Creed outside the Bar

– When fighting Victor Creed in the bar, take his health down to zero and he will throw you outside. Once outside use your feral senses to find an object to impale Victor with. There are a couple of telephone poles that will suffice. You can either get close to them and grab Victor to impale him or throw him in the direction of the telephone poles.

Clean Up on all Aisles (Bronze) – Destroyed all objects in the grocery store fight with Fred Dukes (The Blob)

– At the end of Chapter 3 you will take on Fred Dukes in a grocery store. The store is filled with fridges, storage racks, boxes and other objects that can all be destroyed. Make use of Fred Dukes when destroying all these objects by having him pound close to objects that you still need to destroy. There are also four walls in the grocery store, you do not need to destroy these to unlock the trophy. By the time you earn the trophy there will be nothing left but the four walls and some grocery carts.