Details Emerge on PixelJunk Shooter


Dylan Cuthbert, of Q-Games, has posted some new details on Q-Games newest title, PixelJunk Shooter.

The main point of Dylan Cuthbert’s post on the PlayStation Blog was to introduce players to the co-op experience of PixelJunk Shooter. He details that it’s easy as just picking up an extra controller, and jumping in. Also, Cuthbert explains that the co-op will be “de-stressed” as possible, meaning players will not get stressed if they die, etc.

“… grab an extra controller and anyone can just dive right on in. We’ve tried to make co-op as de-stressed as possible, so even if your player’s ship gets hit by something or overheats and starts crashing towards the ground, you can pop out your extendible hook thing (no official name for this yet – “Grabber” perhaps?) and grab your friend (he’s a bit heavy tho, so watch out), then you can carry him to the nearest pool of water and dunk him in to restore his health. If you don’t manage to grab him in time, he’ll just re-spawn near you and you’ll be docked a life.”

Cuthbert also explains the name of Shooter, and why they chose it. Q-Games chose that specific name because of the old-school nature behind the new title.

The game is an old-school shooter at heart (hence the name), it is the PixelJunk take on those old retro shooting games such as Defender, with a little bit of Choplifter and Thrust! thrown in for good measure. We have giant bosses for you to fight against, multiple weapons to pick up and try out, shields you can grab, all kinds of stuff to give people with an itchy trigger finger a lot of fun. However, at the same time we have added a puzzle element (that we tend to do with most of our games) so even those without an itchy trigger finger will be able to play the game and have a lot of fun. This puzzle element obviously revolves around the sandbox fluid simulation we have implemented, and it is incredible to watch in action.

You can also check out some gameplay footage, posted below for your full enjoyment. This latest video is from E3 2009.