White Knight Chronicles Gets Q1 Release, Town-Building Announced


It has been announced that White Knight Chronicles, the console role-playing RPG released last Christmas in Japan, is targeting a Q1 2010 release in North America. This means that the game will take over a year to get over here. The reason? Level-5 is working on adding extra content to the game, which will be included on the disc.

Other features that will be included in the western version of the game

is a new autorun feature, and improvements to the targeting system. Also, the extra online missions released for the Japanese version of the title will be included on the disc of the game. Level-5 will also be adding an intriguing new feature, which will allow you to create your own town in the online mode of the game.

Level-5 is looking into getting the Japanese voices into the western version, so gamers won’t have to deal with the usual annoying voice-overs we see in English versions of Japanese titles. The developer is working on voice-chat for White Knight Chronicles as well, and also promises cross-region play for when the game is released in North America and Europe.

Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for all the information on White Knight Chronicles.