Home’s Newest Real Estate, The Killzone 2 Visari “Condo”

Killzone 2

PlayStation Home users are earning a brand new treat this month, straight from the depths of Helgan. The Visari Throne Room from Killzone 2 has a killer view, and we’ve screens and info down below.


Visari Throne Room 1

Overlooking the wartorn cityscape that is Helghan, and lit by an eerie Helghan sunset, this is the property every Killzone fan should own. Forget the scenic view of your Harbour Suite, this view is nothing but pure wasteland and wartorn buildings. The Autarch himself would be first in line for this apartment, but I’m not sure if Radech owns a PS3.

Visari Throne Room 2

Visari Throne Room 2

The architecture is clearly Helghan with it’s regal proportions and the Helhgan sunset clearly sets the dark mood. The only thing missing is furniture fit for Helghan Royalty, and that will be available as well.

Helghan Furniture

Visari Furniture

Being that this information was posted on the European PS Blog, we had to make sure that it would be available here in the US as well, and Victor Zuylen – Editor, Killzone.com, was nice enough to respond to our inquiry on his PS Blog Post.

“It will be available in the EU as well as the US. The release dates may differ slightly.”

Sometime after the 15th of June, we should all  be able to live for the Glory of Helghan (at least in Home).