Ghostbusters Exclusivity Deal Bigger Than We Thought


You have have heard about the huge exclusivity deal that Sony put into place for the European release of Ghostbusters, a game that has been eagerly anticipated by fans for several years now. There were lingering questions of when the game would show up on non-Sony consoles in the region, and we have a final answer for you.

Europeans, mark your calendars, for November 1st 2009 is the day Ghostbusters releases on PC, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS in your region, nearly five months after PS2 and PS3 owners get their hands on it. While these sorts of timed exclusivity deals seemed to be present primarily on the 360, it looks like Sony is now more than willing to take a jab back. Here is a link to online retailer HMV, which has free shipping to U.K. residents.