FFXIII’s Shiva Sisters Grab the Spotlight


A great new feature that was just revealed at [shal]E3[/shal] is that not only can you call up your summons creatures in [shal]FFXIII[/shal], you can also ride them. Snow’s summon is [shal]Shiva[/shal], and the interesting thing about this summon is that it’s actually composed of two different people. Well, sisters to be exact.

The one with the light face is Nix, and her older sister, Styria, is the one with the dark face. And though they can fight alongside Snow just like any other summon, they can also converge into a motorcycle that Snow can use in battle. When doing so, the battle system changes over to “Driving Mode”. Though this part of the battle system looks to be time constrained, there are some cool moves that can pulled off such as Wheelie Rush, Air Edge, Auto Drive, and Diamond Dust.