PSP Trophies Have Been Denied


Time and time again, developers and publishers alike have put blame on the PSP piracy pandemic. Yet certain gamers are still adamant about piracy having any kind of effect on the lackluster sales of PSP games, instead passing the blame onto things like marketing, the 50+ million unit install base, and competition from other handhelds. However, the PSP hacking community is not only limiting PSP game sales, but also PSP functionality–more specifically, Trophy support.

Eric Lempel, director of PlayStation Network operations, revealed that the reason the PSP has not received Trophy support is because of inevitable exploits to the Trophy system infrastructure in the firmware. In other words, hackers could get credited for Trophies they never earned.

Because of the lack of “security”, Trophies will not be coming to the PSP. At least not the original PSP. Thanks, pirates. Trophy whores are just going to have to wait for the PSP 2 for a chance at Trophy support.