Criterion Disagrees With EA’s Claims

burnout-paradise-legendary-carsCriterion Games, the developers of Burnout Paradise, took the liberty of speaking out against EA’s claims of maxing out the Xbox 360’s hardware.

Technical director of Criterion Games, Richard Farr, went out on a limb and stated that developers who claim to have pushed a console to the limit are obviously “not the best”.

“That’s proof that you’re not the best. It means you’re out of ideas.”

The senior editor, Alex Fry, also gave his two cents to the matter at hand by elaborating a bit more on the technical side of the claim:

“Whether it’s a sequel or whether it’s a new game, you learn to do things differently… better. The constraints go away because you learn. While it’s nice to say you’ve maxed something out, there’s not really any point.”

While Criterion does have one of the most popular racing titles of this generation backing them up, the Burnout series doesn’t exactly push a console to the limits like, say, a Metal Gear Solid or God of  War title would. No doubt, Criterion’s claims do prove true for even the biggest titles.