Bayonetta Director Talks Boobs and Sexiness


Hideki Kamiya, director for the upcoming action/hack-n-slash game Bayonetta, is no stranger to creating legendary characters. His past works include Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil) and Dante, among other notables. However, Bayonetta is unique in that it is Kamiya’s first attempt to fully create a female lead character.

Me and Bayonetta :)
Me and Bayonetta 🙂

In Kamiya’s eyes, “A lot of games have female characters with big boobs and show a lot of cleavage. That’s not my personal preference or my personal taste. That’s not very sexy at all.” During E3, Kamiya described various touches he has made to the game to accent certain aspects of Bayonetta’s sexuality and femininity, while apparently not over-emphasizing it. For example, when she is locking on to a target the crosshair is a lipstick mark, and when Bayonetta double-jumps pastel butterfly wings appear onscreen. While Kamiya claims that “normal size is more than adequate. Being sexual in a mysterious sort of way is more sexy than baring it all,” the fact that Bayonetta uses her hair as an outfit that comes off when she uses powerful magic attacks seems a little contradictory…