SEGA Publishing Another Platinum Games Title; Hints at Bayonetta 2

In May 2008, Platinum Games announced a four game deal with Japanese publisher SEGA. The games which were a part of the deal included Bayonetta, Infinite Space, MadWorld, and, the more recent, Vanquish. Atsushi Inaba, who worked on Ōkami, previously announced that the developer was in talks with SEGA to potentially extend their partnership. Well, it appears those talks have been successful as SEGA has announced that they will be announcing a new title from Platinum.

SEGA West’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Alan Pritchard told magazine Game Informer that “We have a further title to announce from Platinum Games as well.” With all the hints pointing towards a possible Bayonetta 2 prior to Pritchard’s statement it certainly wouldn’t be wrong to suspect that a Bayonetta sequel is the game Platinum are working on with SEGA. Firstly, Bayonetta creator Hideki Kamiya said “I believe so” when asked if there will be a Bayonetta 2. And the Japanese developer further went on to say: ““She’ll [Bayonetta] be back if you believe so.” Shortly after the game’s launch Kamiya also stated: “I don’t see anything wrong with Bayonetta 2.”

Atsushi Inaba all but confirmed a sequel for Bayonetta was imminent with the following declaration:

There is no concrete plan or schedule that we can talk about. It’s not like [creator Hideki] Kamiya said, ‘OK, we’re going to make this. But Bayonetta is definitely a special IP for us. We loved creating that game. We think it was a really good game. We would love to make a sequel to it when the time is right. That’s all we can say.

While the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta had its fair share of problems due to it being a poor port there’s still no denying the game itself was a breath of fresh air;  Bayonetta was released to a great critical response and a warm reception from gamers as well as boasting reputable sales.

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