Bayonetta’s Sugar & Spice May Strike Twice

Sega certainly started off the new decade by bringing in an attractive action game to the market. Bayonetta launched with a bang and gamers who are looking for a second title may not be disappointed as Hideki Kamiya recently spoke about a sequel.

Hideki Kamiya spoke to Game Informer an interview discussing the possibilities of a sequel for Bayonetta.

Obviously we have love for the work we have created, so I don’t see anything wrong with Bayonetta 2. Personally, I’d like to approach the world of Bayonetta from a different angle, in the form of a spin-off.

Platinum Games announced a four game publishing deal with Sega in 08′. The games involved in the development and publishing deal includes Bayonetta, science-fiction RPG for the Nintendo DS named Infinite Space, and MadWorld for the Wii. A fourth title is yet to be revealed, so Bayonetta 2 may very well be in the offing as it could seal the final title in the deal.

Check out the latest Game Informer magazine in stores now, for more of the interview. If you’re still unsure whether to pick up Bayonetta, head over to our review.