Sony Responsible for Bayonetta Patch, Not SEGA

Bayonetta has been praised beyond belief for the Xbox 360, but for PS3? Not so much. Most gaming websites have rated the Xbox 360 version much higher than that of the PlayStation 3 version. However, with loading time issues, screen tearing, and the occasional slow down, it makes sense why. Now, it makes even more sense that SEGA announced yesterday that they were releasing a patch for the PS3 version of the title.

Although, in a twist of events, it’s not actually SEGA who has created the patch. It was in fact made by the people at Sony. The update comes in at a 135MB size, and once downloaded, will allow the user to install Bayonetta (4.5GB to your hard-drive). This, according to SEGA, will reduce loading times, plus the problem of screen-tearing.

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