Latest Echochrome Patch Brings Community Together


Ecochrome was released last year on both PlayStation Network, and PlayStation Portable. Though the game is over a year old, that doesn’t mean Sony will stop supporting the game. The PlayStation Blog has released details on Ecochrome’s latest patch, 1.02.

The latest patch for Ecochrome is a hefty one, which includes features such as PlayStation Eye support, and the ability to upload to Youtube.


This is a game mode that allows players to upload levels they have created, and also download levels that others have posted. We have added a simple search function to go with it. For example, if you find someone whose works you like, you can search for their levels by ID.

Our Picks:

For those of you who do not want to search through the sea of user-generated content, we have weekly updates of 8 recommended levels for you to enjoy.

YouTube Uploader/PlayStation EYE support:

Another great feature update is the YouTube uploader. Once players have played through a level successfully, they have the option to upload the replay to YouTube (you will need a YouTube account of course, but the process is very straightforward).

Even better, if you have the PlayStation Eye peripheral, you will be enabled to capture yourself playing the game. This capture will appear as a “picture-in-picture” image, that you can also upload to YouTube. Capture that moment of successfully solving that mind breaking puzzle and share with friends!