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The Girls Behind The Girls of Uncharted 2


The Uncharted series is famous for its believable, emotionally engaging characters, and Naughty Dog is able to pull this off due to their amazing cast of actors who not only provide the voice work of their characters, but the motion capture as well. Though the animators at Naughty Dog do the facial animation from scratch, the actors’ performances carry through to the final product, and it’s eery to see just how similar they are to their digital counterparts, as Jeff Rubenstein of the PlayStation Blog was about to find out.

Claudia and Emily, who play Chloe and Elena respectively in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, have fairly extensive TV resumés, and made an unexpected presence at E3 2009. Jeff was able to interview the lovely duo in the video included below, and if you’re not sure who’s who, don’t worry. Their voices (and looks) should give away which character they perform as.