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Never Say Never for Monster Hunter PS3


A lot of PlayStation 3 owners were upset when it was revealed that Capcom would be brining Monster Hunter 3 exclusively for Wii. This was because Monster Hunter was formally known as an exclusive franchise for Sony. But it seems some form of Monster Hunter could still be making its way to the PlayStation 3.

When asked if Monster Hunter would ever appear on [shal]PS3[/shal], Shawn Baxter (Community Specialist at Capcom) responded with:

“Right now we’re not working on one. But, who knows what the future holds. As you’ve seen in the news, we never say ‘never’ here at Capcom.”

A Monster Hunter game for PS3 seems likely, especially considering how Capcom is known for porting games (see Dead Rising) to other consoles. We’ll keep you posted on this one.