Reminder – Uncharted 2 Live Chat Later Today

"Gotta get to the PS.Blog!"

Hey everyone, just a friendly reminder that the geniuses working over at [shal]Naughty Dog[/shal] will be dropping by the official [shal]PlayStation.Blog[/shal] at 2 PM Pacific today.

[shal]Creative Director[/shal] [shal]Amy Hennig[/shal] and [shal]Game Director[/shal] [shal]Bruce Straley[/shal] will be on tap then, and you can ask whatever Uncharted 2-related questions your hearts desire. These [shal]chats[/shal] always go over very well, and today’s should be no exception! So tune in however you can – suddenly fall ill at work for an hour, declare a religious holiday – whatever. Just get there!