Rumor: UFC May Ban Fighters Who Sign with EA


A big rumor has been floating around regarding UFC fighters and EA’s upcoming game, MMA. Apparently, UFC president Dana White is threatening to blacklist any fighter who chooses to partake in EA’s MMA game.

What this translates to is that if a fighter is represented in that title, they will never be endorsed by the association or asked to join. It’s a crazy situation that, if true, shows the UFC using strong-arm tactics very early on. Though we understand that they’re scared of EA signing exclusive deals with UFC’s fighters, this decision could quickly backfire on the association, especially if their monetary offers are lower than EA’s.

This wouldn’t have been the first time that White has released fighters who refused to give into his videogame demands. For instance, Jon Fitch was dropped in November for his unwillingness to sign a lifetime contract to use his name and likeness in all UFC games.

It’s a worrisome situation that could leave a lot of fighters in a pickle. Take an unspecified monetary compensation from UFC for a videogame contract, or leave UFC forever. We’ll make sure to keep you posted as this story develops.

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