Bioware Foresees Decline in Video Game Violence


Developer Bioware foresees a future where video games aren’t necessarily dependent on violence to achieve sales. These remarks come even in the midst of such games as Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto. Bioware’s Greg Zeschuk recently spoke about how they believe the video game industry will begin to tone down the violence and concentrate more on story.

“We talk a certain amount internally about whether you need to have combat as part of the experience. Are there possibilities to actually start separating pieces of the game and actually tailor it to the audience?

Certainly the core gaming experience, folks that are used to playing games over the last ten years, they want to have those battle moments, and the fighting. But there are different audiences that would maybe just enjoy the story.”

I think it’s actually possible. I think the interesting thing about it too is I don’t know if it’s even necessarily a technology thing. I think once we’ve got the breadth of audience available to us, there could be really good opportunities created by different people coming to games that are story-driven.”

Would you rather a game focus on its story rather than its brutality? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.