Fight Night Round 4 Wins its First Round of DLC

EA Sports has announced the first round of downloadable content (DLC) that is enroute to all Fight Night Round 4 gamers for free. The release date is slated as ‘early August’ so we will have to wait for an official date. But until then, here’s all the awesome details on what will be included in the pack.

The pack will contain, among other things:

  • All American Gloves.
  • All American Shoes.
  • Jordan Brand Trunks.

There are also additional gameplay sliders to further tune and tweak your fighters:

  • Counterpunch Window.
  • Boxer Stamina.
  • Punch Accuracy.

And a few of the announced game fixes:

  • Boxers missing their hair textures.
  • Gamer’s able to schedule two fights at once and then not being able to continue their career.
  • Additional bugs that caused Legacy Mode freezes to occur.

Pizza Hut is also jumping into the ring and giving all Xbox 360 users a free alternate version of Sugar Ray Leonard. Hopefully PS3 gamers will also end up with some future exclusive DLC as well.