LBP’s Final Fantasy DLC Coming in Due Time


It’s been nearly 10 months since Sony first announced that they would be bringing Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy to the popular creation game, LittleBigPlanet. And though the MGS Premium Costume and Level Packs were released in December, the Final Fantasy content is nowhere to be found. But fortunately, Sony is assuring us that the Sephiroth costume is still scheduled for release.

Chuck Lacson, the associate product marketing manager of SCEA, had this to say about the Final Fantasy content for LBP:

“All I can say is patience, he (and possibly some of his friends) will be coming when the time is right. Till then, we got some interesting (sic) characters on the way.”

While a release window would be helpful, it’s good to know that the content is still on its way. Hopefully the level of dedication for the FF pack is similar to what the MGS pack brought, which included not only costumes but entire levels to complete.