Gundam Lands in Home in a Big Way

"All your base are belong to us!"

Attention Gundam fans! There’s something that you absolutely need to see when you next visit the Japanese PlayStation Home. Heck, it’s worth taking a look at no matter who you are.


I speak of course of the gigantic Gundam suit statue currently standing in Japan’s Playstation Home. It marks a celebration currently going on for the 30th anniversary of the popular Gundam franchise. If you want to see it for yourself, make sure to log in by July 23rd (that’s Japan’s July 23rd), as that will be the final day, before the statue vanishes, forever.

No word on if it’s coming stateside, but that seems implausible. For the curious, the next Gundam game for the PlayStation 3 in Japan is due out September 3rd of this year.