David Jaffe Hints at Announcement for His Next Game


David Jaffe has suggested that his new game, developed by Eat Sleep Play, will be announced “soon”. This comes from a message from Jaffe in response to 8bitjoystick.

It was simple enough. However, most gamers paid attention to the last bit, in which he says that his new game will be announced soon.

“BUT so you know, I got nothing to do with GOD OF WAR 3…but please buy our new game, to be announced soon! :)”

Many have speculated that David Jaffe and friends at Eat Sleep Play are currently at work on the next Twisted Metal game for PS3. It doesn’t seem to far off either, from the hints in his last game to blurred out emails.

Stay tuned on PlayStation LifeStyle for all the details on the next game from David Jaffe.