PlayStation Network Gets ‘Connect’ed


PlayStation Network users have been longing a more connected experience.    Is Sony finally bringing us that ability to ‘Connect’?  A certain website, owned by SCEA suggests just that…

A simple whois lookup of the website, returns the results that SCEA owns the domain.  Sure this could mean nothing at all, especially considering that according to the same whois lookup, Sony Computer Entertainment of America owns a total of “about 441 domains”.

So what makes this PSN-Connect domain so special?  Sony could have just purchased the domain to make sure they own the right to anything that could be associated with their trademarks.  But that doesn’t seem to be the case.


All whois lookup’s give you first and foremost the website’s title.  Which reads ‘Welcome to PSN-Connect”.  Webpages aren’t given a title if there is nothing found on the server.  For example, our recent finding of Sony San Diego owning, the page title turns up a “The page cannot be found” as the title.


There is more evidence that PSN-Connect is some sort of website/service that Sony is prepping for PSN users.  This domain, is currently hosted on a dedicated server.  That means this domain, is on a server all by it’s lonesome, which likely means this bad boy is expected to get some decent traffic.  Not something a “parked” domain name would need.

When I first heard PSN-Connect, I thought instantly of Sony’s now defunct music-download service.  However this could be anything from a music service, to a social networking service for the PlayStation Network.  Or it could be merely a way to access your PSN account via the web, and message friends, etc.


Whatever it is, it’s definitely something as SCEA has invested some time, and money into it.  The domain was registered a couple months ago in early April, so maybe it still needs more of that time, and money to finally come to fruition.

Thanks to Romo12 for the tip!