The PS3 can eat Sam Fisher for Breakfast


The latest news for the Xbox 360exclusive, Splinter Cell: Conviction, is sure to bubble up some anger in PS3[ owners. In an interview with Lead Designer Steven Masters, he said that his team “could absolutely execute on PS3”.

Masters then went onto explain that the move was only a question of “business”. When asked if this was just a boardroom thing, and not anything else, Masters replied with:

“Absolutely, yeah. Ubisoft as a company now has a lot of experience with PS3. Our processes, tools, techniques are very well-developed – we could absolutely execute on the PS3 if we had the opportunity, but like I said it was a business decision.”

It’s safe to assume that this “business” decision may have had something to do with Microsoft, as they’ve done exclusive deals before. However, it could also be assumed that Ubisoft didn’t want to make a PS3 version, as sales may have not recovered the costs of development.

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