Tom Clancy’s Endwar and Official PS3 Headset for $22.48

Amazing Deal!

One Amazing Deal!

Here is an amazing deal for anyone who doesn’t own Endwar and or a PS3 headset (the official one at that) for $22.48. I was wondering a major national retailer when I noticed this unbelievable deal that normally goes for $89.99, hell the official headset msrp’s for $50. Who could the retailer be…20090721203108

If you couldn’t tell already I took the picture at a local Target store. I highly recommend this insane deal that won’t last long since it’s on clearance. The game and headset cost more used which means Target is taking a hefty loss per unit sold, therefore you wont see this deal anyhere else. Call your local store for availablity of coarse, enjoy this amazing deal.