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The Truth Behind the New Dual Shock 3 Color Schemes


We’re not exactly ones for conspiracy theories, but this one is just too good to pass up. After extensive research and countless hours of reviewing in-depth interviews with trusted sources close to the situation , we have constructed this (fairly accurate) timeline regarding the new red and blue PS3 controllers.

February 2005: Toby Maguire, still riding the high from the success of Spider-Man 2, orders his assistant to call Kaz Hirai at SCEA.  The subject of the call is Maguire’s idea to use the Spider-Man font on the PlayStation 3. Apparently, Maguire felt that the film’s box-office sales somehow indicated the world’s desire for more things Spidey. Kaz was already in a meeting, so a message was left.

March 2005: After laughing hysterically for a few days, SCEA rejects Maguire’s suggestion, and then keeps laughing.  Maguire decides to play hardball and threatens Kaz, promising not to complete a third film unless the font is used. Realizing that his career is suddenly on the line, the walls of SCEA are silent as Kaz reluctantly approves the font.

June 2009: A delighted Maguire celebrates his birthday with friends and family in a Los Angeles club. While talking to a friend and SCEA employee, Maguire becomes captivated as details of the PS3 Slim slip out over a few drinks. Before the night is done, however, Maguire becomes infuriated when he learns that the Spider-Man font he so valiantly fought for years before will be axed in favor of a new, hip font.

July 2009: Because Sony knows the third Spider-Man film was terrible didn’t exactly do well, the tables turn as a threat from Maguire to not complete a fourth film is relatively unsuccessful. With Maguire afraid of losing out on another opportunity to dress up as a superhero, and Sony hesitant to find a new man that will not only fill the suit, but also please fans, both camps agree to a compromise. Sony is allowed to use any font they choose, so long as Maguire’s influence is still present in the form of brand new “Deep Red” and “Metallic Blue” PS3 controllers.

October 2009: The controllers appear on shelves. Maguire buys two.