SOCOM: Confrontation More Popular Online than Killzone 2


If you could guess right now, what you say is the PS3’s most popular online title? Warhawk? Killzone 2? How about Resistance 2? Well, it’s none of those. And the answer may surprise you.

As you may have guessed, the harshly criticized SOCOM: Confrontation is the PlayStation 3’s most popular online title. While that may not surprise all of you, considering thousands still play the PS2 versions of SOCOM, it’s still a shock, nonetheless.

And because the SOCOM fanbase is dearly devoted to Confrontation, the developer of the title, Slant Six, is hard at work on the next patch. The team has been quiet about it, but Mark Rogers (SCEA senior producer) revealed that the overall size of the patch has kept it in the testing cycle.

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