Acquire Conjures up PS3 Exclusive for TGS


Acquire is probably best known for their Tenchu and The Way of The Samurai series, and soon to be known for the latest iteration in the Wizardry series. The last game in the Wizardry series to release in the US was Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land released in 2001 on the PS2, which was localized by niche masters Atlus.

The earliest installments of the Wizardry series were quite popular due to the dungeon crawling aspects and being released at the height of the Dungeons & Dragons popularity. Hopefully Acquire will be able to spice up this dungeon crawling RPG for its PlayStation 3 exclusive debut. You can look forward to an official announcement and more info when the Tokyo Game Show 2009 rolls around. We here at PlayStation LifeStyle always love hearing about more RPG’s and love it even more when they are PlayStation exclusive. As always stay here on PSLS for all the latest news on your favorite console.

Thanks to TheHater for the tip!