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Rare Resident Evil 5 Press Kit Infects Ebay

August 1, 2009Written by Anthony Severino


Ah, Ebay…  ‘The World’s Online Marketplace’.  A place where you can find the strangest stuff.  One of my favorite terms to search for on Ebay is “Rare PS3” to see all of the hard to find items relating to my favorite console.  Normally the query turns up a few sealed 60GB PS3’s, but every once and a while you find a real gem like this custom Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3.  Today, while doing my usual search for “Rare PS3” two unique items caught my eye.

ink_ribbonWe’ve already reported on the stunning inFamous Press Kit Booklet.  But along with that item, we came across a Resident Evil 5 Press Kit Booklet.  The bidding is starting at $9.99 so you can own it for around the same cost as a ink ribbon (Resident Evil reference, and yes we found an ink ribbon on Ebay).

According to the Ebay listing:

The press exclusive booklet features 40 beautiful, highly detailed full-color pages of information about the game.  The booklet is filled with artwork, character bios, a Resident Evil timeline, and exclusive interviews with Resident Evil 5 developers.

All I have to say is…  Capcom, why didn’t I get one of these?  As a huge fan of the series, it looks as though the only way i’ll get to own this rare collectable is by placing a bid.