The Most BAD ASS PS3 Ever

Written by Sev1512

Think the Limited Edition Gun-Metal  MGS4 PS3 was as cool as it gets?  Think again.

The good folks over at Morpheon Mods, have created what might just be the coolest gaming console on the planet.  This Metal Gear Solid 4 60GB PS3 and controller, is painted in midnight black/carbon fiber digital camouflage, and has laser cut stainless steel.  It is even signed by Hideo Kojima.  The marquee and artwork has been fitted with 15 white LED’s so that it is all viewable at night.  Remarkable amounts of care and detail have been poured into this masterpiece.

Luckily, this bad boy is currently up for bid on Ebay right now, and a portion of the proceeds go to’s “Child’s Play” charity.

To see the auction as well as more pictures click HERE