Katamari Forever Trophy List Rolls on Out

August 2, 2009Written by Dan Massi


Here is the trophy list for ]Katamari Forever. The game has 33 trophies: 20 bronze, 6 silver, 6 gold, and 1 platinum.


  • Big, Big Katamari: Create a Katamari which is over 10,000km.
  • Big Katamari: Create a Katamari which is over 500m.
  • First Star Of Rubbish: You have thrown away your first Katamari Star.
  • First Katamari: You have completed the first stage.
  • Superb Collector: Obtain over 80% of the Superb Collection.
  • Thinking Of Cousins: Collect over 30 of the Cousins.
  • Fashionable: Collect over 30 varities of Presents.
  • Film Fan: Watched over 5 films in Film Mode, without skipping.
  • Lonely: Complete 50 stages in a row in any mode apart from Coop or Battle.
  • Good Friends: Play over 30 stages in Coop or Battle mode.
  • H-h-h-h-h-h-hopping: Complete a stage using “Oji Hop” only 7 times.
  • D-d-d-d-d–dash: Complete a stage using “Oji Dash” only 6 times.
  • T-t-t-t-turn: Complete a stage using “Oji Turn” only 5 times.
  • Master Of Ruining: During one stage, clear the stage while breaking your Katamari over 50 times.
  • Love Rolling: During one stage, Roll over more than 7650 “things”.
  • Mini Gamer: Play all of the Mini Games.
  • Superb Listener: Play over 5 songs in the Sound Mode.
  • Photographer: In the Photograph Hall, Check a photo you have taken.
  • Love Ranking: Check the Net Ranking over 5 times.
  • Oshioki Regular Customer: Receive Oshioki more than 50 times.


  • Forever a Traveller: Beat all of Eternal.
  • Big, Big, Big Katamari: Create a Katamari which is over 2,000,000km.
  • Destroyer: Throw at least 50 Katamaris away.
  • Creator: Make over 200 Katamaris.
  • Oshioki Master: Obtain over 50,000 points in the Oshioki Minigame.
  • Left the Atmosphere: Obtain over 50,000 points during the Ending Minigame.


  • Congratulations: You’ve cleared all the stages with “New Katamari Damacy”.
  • Falcon: You’ve cleared all stages with “Katamari Drive”.
  • Back Then: You’ve cleared all the stages with “Back Then Katamari Damacy”.
  • Walking Dictionary: You’ve got 100% in the Superb Collection.
  • Cousin Mania: You’ve collected all of the Cousins.
  • Collector: You’ve collected all of the Presents.


  • Katamari: Collect all of the trophies