My Console is Cooler Than Your Console

In this generation of gaming consoles, it’s common for them to be packing some serious technical power under their hood.  Such processing power generates a large amount of heat.  When putting in long hours in a serious gaming session, the risk of overheating is always a primary concern.

Third party accessory manufacturers have tried to come up with cooling solutions, such as Nyko’s Intercooler which is available for both the PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.  But the general consensus is that these console attachments can do more harm to your console than good, and they can be quite noisy.

We’ve found a silent but effective alternative that can help keep your console cool, even in these hot summer months.

Whether your console is couped up in a home entertainment cabinet, or if it’s out in the open and you just want to be cautious.  Cooler Guys have the perfect solution for next gen consoles.  Their USB powered fan with grill, is whisper quiet and is powered via your console’s USB port.  So the fan only runs, when your console is running.  The USB cable is 20 inches long, perfect length to position behind your gaming console, or any home theater component for that matter.

Do not point the flow of the air directly at the vents of your console, so you aren’t pushing dust into your precious and expensive console.  Instead use the fan to blow warm air away from you console, not at it.  This will lower the ambient temperature around your console, and reduce the load of your console’s internal fans, in turn keeping your console cool as can be.

Cooler Guys USB Fan is priced at under $13 and at that price it’s well worth the peace of mind, and will prevent you from having nightmares (or realities) of ‘Red Rings’ or ‘Yellow Lights’ of ‘Death’. USB Fan.

Description from the site:

Coolerguys 120x120x25mm USB Fan with Grill

This unit is powered by a USB Plug, compatible with all standard USB outlets.. Great to set on top of any component that is in hard to reach or enclosed cabinet .

Adds extra cooling to extend the life of your components and stop problems associated with overheating.

Most cable and satellite boxes as well as video game consoles already have an extra USB plug in back so why not put it to work and help keep things cool.

Can also be used in conjunction with a USB powered hub so you can power more than one at a time.


  • USB supplied Power Cord (20 in length)
  • Extremely Quiet 1200RPM Fan
  • Rubber feet included so you won’t scratch any component
  • 120mm back finger grill pre-installed.

Fans can be set to blow up or down by reversing the grill cover to other side of fan.


  • Dimensions 120x120x25mm
  • Rated Voltage: 5 Volts
  • Connector USB
  • Tail 20 inches
  • RPM: 1200 +/- 10%
  • CFM: 44
  • dB: 19.7
  • Bearing Sleeve
  • MTFB 30,000 hrs